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Many companies need to install electric chargers in their establishments due to the new demands of people (customers and employees) and spaces, motivated by the increase of electric vehicles in circulation and the obligation by law to have a minimum number of electric vehicle spaces. Sustainable mobility is a reality, yet many businesses are wondering what is the best electric-vehicle charging station for a business.

Due to the charging speed requirements of most companies, the best electric vehicle charger is a fast charger. In this article, we will tell you the reasons why you should go for this option.


Benefits of installing electric car chargers in your company


Before explaining why a fast charger is the best electric car charger you can buy, it is worth explaining the benefits of having an electric vehicle charging station for a business in general.


Contribution to electric mobility

By providing charging points for electric vehicles, companies are joining the transition to a more sustainable transport system. This contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality in the local environment.


Opportunity to be more competitive

The adoption of electric mobility can give companies themselves a competitive advantage. Consumers are increasingly interested in cleaner transport options and will be more inclined to visit a business if they can recharge their electric vehicles while using its services.

From an internal point of view, it will be increasingly valued by the employees of a business if they have such chargers at their workplace. It can therefore be an asset in attracting and retaining talent.


Positioning as a sustainable company

By installing electric car chargers, you demonstrate an active commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This enhances brand image and can attract customers and partners who value these practices.


Increase in electric vehicles

The number of electric vehicles on the road is growing rapidly and, according to estimates, this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. By installing charging points, companies are anticipating this growing demand and preparing for the future.


The best electric vehicle charging station, a fast-charging one


Direct current (DC) chargers provide electricity directly to the car battery. Such devices operate under high power and performance parameters, making it possible to charge the car battery in less than an hour, or even in a few minutes depending on the model.

That’s why a fast charger has become the best electric vehicle charging station you can buy for your business. Los cargadores AC no van a ser capaces de responder a las necesidades de carga de los espacios próximamente. Using fast charging systems, chargers can provide a full charge in a much shorter time, giving drivers greater convenience and flexibility.


Benefits of fast charging for businesses


  • Greater convenience: With fast charging, electric vehicle drivers can recharge their car batteries in a much shorter time. This is essential in businesses where the customer spends less than an hour.
  • Energy efficiency: Fast chargers are designed to minimise energy losses during the charging process. The more efficient the charger, the less energy is lost during the charging process, which means less electricity consumption.
  • Increased customer turnover: For companies that install fast chargers on their premises, this can lead to higher customer churn. Electric vehicle drivers will appreciate the ability to quickly recharge their vehicle while making use of services or shopping in-store, which can ultimately generate higher revenues.
  • Positive brand image: Adopting fast charging shows a company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. This can enhance the company’s brand image, as consumers increasingly value and choose to support companies that care about the environment.


Floox Fast Charger Options


As you have seen, the best electric car charger on the market is the one with a fast charging system. However, there are also super-fast and ultra-fast charging models, which further enhance the benefits of fast charging.

However, it is important to note that there is no single option that is suitable for all businesses, as the choice of charger depends on the specific needs and characteristics of each company.


Fast charging

This option is suitable for companies with moderate load demand. The Powerfloox delivers fast and efficient charging with a power rating suitable for most businesses with medium-stay customers (one hour or more). It is perfect for restaurants, gyms or retail shops, among others.


Super fast charging

If your company has a constant flow of electric vehicles that need to be recharged in a short period of time, the Superfloox charger is the ideal choice. It provides 60 kW charging which significantly reduces fast charging times. This model is ideal for service stations, transport fleets, basically where there is an average turnover of electric vehicles.


Ultra fast charging

Ultra-fast charging is the most powerful and suitable option for companies with intense charging demand. Ultrafloox charger provides extremely fast charging, allowing electric vehicles to be charged in a very short time. It recharges 80% of the battery in just 15 minutes.

This model is ideal for fast charging stations on highways, service areas and companies that need ultra-fast charging for fleets of electric vehicles.


If you want to have the best electric car charger for your business, fast charging is the best option.. Floox offers different models to suit the specific needs of each business. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how to install an efficient charging point in your company and join the electric mobility revolution.