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Manufacturers of DC fast charging solutions for electric vehicles

The final push for the switch to electric mobility

Floox by Premium PSU is a leading company in the design and manufacture of fast and ultra-fast charging solutions for electric vehicles. We offer solutions for a smarter, more sustainable and cost-effective supply infrastructure, not only for intercity trips but also for long-haul or last-mile trips that require charging in transit areas and en route.

Our focus on the manufacture and design of electric chargers has been key to our success in this market. With a generational change in our trajectory, in recent years we have based our strategy on four pillars: investment in talent, professionalisation, innovation to generate value and a customer-centric organisation. This vision has enabled us to create the most cutting-edge electronic power solutions in order to be permanently prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

We are proud to have developed state-of-the-art technology for the manufacture of electric chargers that are able to offer fast and reliable charging for electric vehicles, providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the electric mobility market. Our chargers are highly efficient, which means that users can charge their vehicles faster and more efficiently, reducing charging time and increasing vehicle range.

In addition, our experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of  DC charging solutions allows us to offer customised solutions for the specific needs of our customers. This applies equally to installation of charging points in public car parks and charging supplies in industrial facilities. At Floox by Premium PSU, we offer smart and scalable charging solutions that enable an easier, faster transition to electric mobility. .

In summary, we at Floox by Premium PSU are dedicated to the manufacture and design of electric chargers to provide innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction allows us to stay at the forefront of the market and offer customised solutions for each specific need.

At Floox, we offer charging solutions for electric vehicles at various industries. We know that electric mobility is the future, and we want to be part of this transition to more sustainable mobility.

Plug to the future

Streamline the shift to electric mobility by offering fast charging for all vehicle types, saving time and enhancing efficiency in our increasingly sustainability-focused daily lives.


A more sustainable world

Floox is here to design, develop and manufacture DC fast-charging points for electric vehicles We are a team of more than 120 people working to revolutionise electric mobility to create a more effective, simpler and more sustainable world.


Charging solutions, simply electrifying

Floox was born as a spin-off of Premium PSU after 40 years of experience in power and energy conversion solutions. We did this adopting a startup culture, but with the experience of a consolidated company.


Electric mobility and sustainability

We are moving towards a sustainable and efficient future in which our habits will have to be much more respectful of our environment. We’re on a one-way trip to a world where electric mobility will be key to eradicating emissions and noise pollution.

It is imperative to design an electrical infrastructure that will help us make the electrical transition we all need. Premium PSU has made a very strong commitment to contribute to this area with Floox.

Jordi GazoCEO, Premium PSU