EV Charging Roadside Station

Roadside EV charging soutions

Gas and service stations have been an essential place to refuel the vehicle. Whether it is their location at strategic points on highways or the additional restaurant and parking services, they have made it possible to refuel in a short time while taking a break.

The electric station is a charging station, both for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, where refueling is paid for the energy that has been consumed by recharging the vehicle.

Although the electric car can be recharged at home, unlike fuel, it is important to take into account the location of electric charging stations for long journeys where the user can be sure that he will be able to charge his car whenever he needs it.

With the shift to more sustainable mobility, electric charging stations have two objectives: to increase the power of charging points for faster charging speeds; and to distribute electric stations on the road map for long-distance travel.

Ultra-fast charging

Ultra-fast charging at service stations

It is necessary to have high power chargers (180kW to 360kW), with double hoses, so that in a few minutes the electric vehicles have charged up to 80% of the battery.

Private investment, shared benefit

Ultra-fast charging at service stations

A high charging speed not only results in a good individual experience for the user who charges his own vehicle in a few minutes. This in turn facilitates a high turnover throughout the station, allowing many users to enjoy the experience.<br>
Floox supports investment in this key player in the new mobility.<br>
We have agreements with investment groups to facilitate the creation of a powerful network of electric stations. Both for petrol stations that wish to expand their product portfolio, without undertaking the investment; companies that have public access spaces, by locating a recharging point, can obtain a call effect for more customers; or owners of square meters in strategic locations, close to busy roads, with easy access to the network.

Ultra-fast ev charging points
Ultra-fast charging

Easy installation

We have a network of specialized installers, who carry out the engineering projects, connection point request, staking out, works and legalization, in order to be able to build a new purely electrical service station from scratch. Our 180kW charger is one of the most compact on the market: everything is concentrated in a single cabinet, without the need for auxiliary works or extra space.

Commitment to service stations for electric vehicles

A high-powered service station combines the best of classic petrol stations: fast refueling and ubiquitous presence. With the double plus of being able to offer clean energy, and being able to implement chargers in many more places. Car parks, empty areas near highways, industrial areas, in addition to the classic petrol stations. If we also consider that Floox chargers already come with connectivity as standard, you will be able to charge without problems in every operator, via app, rfid, etc.

Our EV charging solutions are compatible with the best control software on the market, according to your business needs. The capacities that we have integrated in our chargers and that you will be able to control with them are:

The time for a coffee. The high power output reduces charging time

Easy use by APP, RFID

Future: Plug&Play ready charger. Just plug in the car and charge, that's all.

Modularity: the station owner can easily increase the power of the charging point.

Power balancing: if the electrical connection of the site is less than the sum of all the load points, the power can be distributed among all the points.

The ultrafast charging solution for electric service stations

At Floox we have everything ready to make the move to electrified service stations.

Enough talk, let's build the future together!