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charger-vehicle-electric-hotelAmong the many options that exist when it comes to offering charging services for electric vehicles, a hotel has great possibilities for customers. Today we tell you what are the keys for this to bring you different benefits, as well as a small explanation on where to install the electric charger in a hotel.

Undoubtedly, you will be able to attract a new type of public to your hotel, as more and more people are driving an electric vehicle and, therefore, this recharging service is increasingly in demand. If you are going to make this decision, we want to give you some answers that will help you.

Benefits of installing an electric charger in your hotel


Green actions to define your brand

There are many configurations and elements that can improve the sustainability of a hotel, due to the different services offered. Installing an electric charger in your hotel can be a way to identify your company as a company committed to the environment, which sends a clear message to customers and investors.

Improved customer attraction

This installation of electric chargers, as we say, can be very attractive for new customers, as there are currently many cities where it is not so easy to find these charging areas for electric vehicles. When someone is on the road, recharging their car is essential to keep moving, so they may be looking for hotels specifically with this service.

In addition, there are platforms that facilitate the use of different charging points and maps where businesses with these electric chargers are indicated through mobile apps, something that you can take advantage of.


Repeat visits and guest recommendations

These new customers who decide to visit your hotel will not only stay there for a certain period of time, but will also choose your accommodation again if they return to your city or the surrounding area. Another interesting point will be that these visitors will be able to recommend your hotel to acquaintances who also have electric vehicles.

Get information of interest thanks to the chargers

The last point regarding the installation of electric vehicles is the possibility of collect a good deal of data about your customers and who uses these chargers. Having this information will allow you to take strategic decisions that will make you offer better services to those who stay at your hotel and maximize marketing options.


Requirements for the installation of an electric charger in a hotel


Taking into account these benefits we have mentioned, the installation of an electric charger in your hotel can be a very interesting option for you. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to the requirements you need to meet to carry out a project like this.

The main requirements you will find will be administrative and technical, so you must take them into account to ensure that everything is within the relevant legality and comply with current regulations before starting the works.

The first step is to see what your business needs are. One of our partner installers will be able to help you prepare a detailed quote on the installation of the electric chargers with everything included in the project.

It will depend on the model you choose or the number of chargers to be installed in your hotel, as needs may change slightly. You will especially need to pay attention to the space that will be available on your business property for these chargers and the necessary supply points.

Our installers will also be in charge of informing you and managing all the licenses and permits required for the installation of the chargers. It is important that you foresee that this documentation has some waiting times that can be extended in time, so we recommend that you request it in advance.

Powerfloox, the right choice for hotels


The Powerfloox model is the smallest model we have at Floox at your disposal, but this does not make it any less useful. It is an ideal format for charging an electric vehicle in a hotel in the simplest possible way, thanks to a 30 kW DC fast charging system, which plugs into the vehicle with CCS2 and CHAdeMO connectors.

The installation of this model does not require a large infrastructure and is low maintenance, so you can have multiple charging points in the parking lot of your hotel so that several customers can recharge their vehicle batteries at the same time.

For the Powerfloox model, we are talking about 80% of the battery capacity recharged in about 90 minutes. You will have everything you need in less than one square meter, with a charging efficiency of over 94%, a DC output voltage range that perfectly fits the batteries of all vehicles.

This is perfect for visitors to your hotel to rest or have a drink before resuming the march or visit a nearby area.

It can be installed on the wall or with the anchoring bracket on the floor. It includes an action button, user authentication for applications and mobile payments, as well as a 7-inch LCD screen.

Now that you know more about our Powerfloox model and the advantages you can get by installing an electric charger in your hotel, we are sure you have a better understanding of how to carry out a project like this. Contact our team to take the first steps and start providing such an interesting service to your next guests.

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