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Installing a charging point in a shopping center is an initiative that more and more companies are putting on the table. The automotive market is increasingly focusing on bringing hybrid or electric solutions to drivers. The question to ask yourself is, what benefits would it bring me? This issue will be addressed in the following sections.

This is a complete guide on installing a charging point in a shopping mall. We not only show you the advantages for your own business and society in general, but also the requirements you should know before getting down to work. Finally, we also explore the best options currently on the market.


Benefits of installing a charging point in a shopping mall


Before explaining the requirements for installing a charging point in a shopping mall, let us take a look at the benefits of investing in this technology.


Focusing on sustainability

Promoting clean mobility provides benefits for all. The commitment to sustainability has a real impact on the environment and people’s health. The implementation of a charging point in a shopping mall speeds up the change in the mobility model that has already begun.


Giving prestige to your brand

The availability of recharging points gives prestige to the shopping center’s brand. It reveals that the company cares about the planet, seeks to satisfy its customers and, beyond being just another business, is guided by values that seek the common good. Today, this is a feature that is highly valued by the new consumer.


Generate more revenue

Increased visits and positive reinforcement of your brand translates into higher revenues.

In addition, it is possible to manage the charging point in such a way that it remains available beyond the commercial opening hours, obtaining additional income from the users who take advantage of it in a particular way.


Differentiate yourself from the competition

Another obvious benefit of installing a recharging point in your business is that it is an important step ahead of the competition. In fact, there will be potential customers who will choose your shopping center over others because it has a recharging point.


Attract and retain your customers

And from the previous point, there is another benefit. We refer to the ability of recharging points to attract customers, but also to retain them. Its implementation achieves a visitor base that comes back again and again because they know how easy it is to charge their electric or hybrid car at your mall.

And not only customers: we will also attract businesses related to sustainable values, who are looking for shopping centers with such values to set up shop in.



Requirements for installing a charging point in a shopping mall


To install a charging point in a shopping mall, several requirements must be taken into account. If you are looking for a successful technological deployment, it is best to carefully analyze the aspects mentioned below.


Technical requirements


What do the technical requirements imply? Undoubtedly, evaluate several factors. For example, the power supply point must be determined.

Likewise, it is important to ensure that an adequate infrastructure is in place to provide electrical power to the chargers.

Finally, another factor to be analyzed is the space available for the installation of the charging points.


Administrative requirements


To install a charging point in a shopping mall, it is essential to obtain the required licenses and permits, making sure to comply with local regulations and standards.

Remember that obligations may vary depending on the characteristics of the establishment and local, regional or state regulations. Therefore, it is advisable to work with a company that offers advice on the matter.


Floox chargers, the new charging point in your shopping mall


Floox chargers offer an optimal charging solution for a shopping mall. Specifically, our Powerfloox model.

This model offers a 30 kW DC fast charging system, compatible with CCS2 and CHAdeMO connectors.

Fast charging offers great benefits to shopping centers. In about 90 minutes, users who park their vehicles in our shopping center will be able to charge up to 80% of their battery. This time coincides with the average minimum stay that most users spend in shopping malls.

A very useful feature for businesses such as shopping malls is that it has a user authentication button, is compatible with most management software and allows mobile payment.

Another great advantage of this charger is that it does not require a large infrastructure and the maintenance cost is very low. This maximizes the investment of installing several recharging points.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the benefits of installing an electric vehicle charger in a shopping mall. If you would like more information about Powerfloox, please contact us without obligation.