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At Floox, we are committed to the transition to cleaner and more efficient mobility. However, despite advances in electric vehicle (EV) technology, there are still many myths that can confuse consumers. In this article, we debunk the most common myths and present our fast charging solutions, which are designed to make the EV driving experience even more accessible and convenient.

Myth 1: Limited and reduced autonomy

Fact: The range of electric vehicles has increased significantly in recent years, moving closer and closer to that of internal combustion vehicles. Many current EV models offer driving ranges comparable to their combustion engine counterparts. With our fast chargers, such as the Lynx 120-240, you can recharge your EV in minutes, ensuring you always have enough autonomy for your customers’ daily needs.

Myth 2: Battery failure. Batteries are not recycled and pollute.

Fact: At the end of their useful life in an EV, batteries can be reused in PV installations and other applications. When they are no longer useful in these facilities, up to 85% of their total weight can be recycled. At Floox, we support the development of sustainable technologies and battery recycling to minimise environmental impact.

Myth 3: Electric vehicles are too expensive

Fact: Over the last five years, electric vehicle prices have fallen significantly. Considering the total cost of ownership and use, the total savings of an EV compared to an internal combustion vehicle (ICE) can be very significant. The cost per 100 km for an ICV can be around 10.5 EUR (consumption 7 l/100 km at 1.5 EUR/l), while the EV has a running cost of 1.5 EUR per 100 km (15 kWh/100 km at 0.11 EUR/kWh slow night charging). For an EV covering 500,000 km, the user could save up to EUR 45,000 on fuel, which more than offsets the additional cost of the EV.

Myth 4: Not enough charging stations

Fact: In 2023, the number of charging stations continued to grow, reaching considerable coverage. The public access charging network increased by 11,173 points during 2023. Spain improved its charging infrastructure, although it still lags behind the European average. At Floox, we continue to expand our network of fast chargers to ensure that recharging is convenient and accessible in more places.

Myth 5: Electric vehicles are not environmentally friendly.

Fact: EVs are greener from all points of view, from oil extraction to use. Hard data proves the ecological superiority of EVs, and we at Floox are proud to contribute to the reduction of emissions with our fast charging solutions. You can see more specific data in this video.

Myth 6: Less powerful

Fact: The torque of EVs is constant from zero speed, which gives a much higher acceleration. Typically, an EV reaches 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, while the best ICE sports cars are around 3 to 4 seconds.

Myth 7: Less safe

Fact: EVs have a lower centre of gravity, which improves stability and reduces the risk of rollover. In addition, fires in EVs are much less frequent than in ICEs. At Floox, we prioritise safety in the design of our fast chargers, ensuring a safe and reliable charging experience.

Myth 8: Incompatible with cold weather

Fact: EVs can operate in the same temperature ranges as ICEs thanks to the temperature maintenance systems in the battery pack. Floox chargers are designed to operate efficiently in all weather conditions, ensuring that your business can offer maximum charging capacity.

Our Fast Charging Solutions

At Floox, we are not only dedicated to debunking myths, but also to providing innovative and efficient charging solutions. Our fast chargers are designed to meet the most demanding needs of each project:

  • Lyra Lite 30-40: Available in 30 kW and 40 kW versions, this charger combines sustainability and efficiency, made from recycled steel and offering fast, hassle-free charging.
  • Lyra 60-80: With charging capacities of 60 kW and 80 kW, this model is compact and designed to charge two vehicles simultaneously. Perfect for businesses, petrol stations and transport fleets, the Lyra 60-80 ensures a fast and efficient charging solution.
  • Lynx 120-240: This ultra-fast charger, manufactured in Barcelona, is a highly versatile modular solution with a power range of 120 kW to 240 kW, capable of charging an EV battery to 80% in just 5 to 10 minutes.

Debunking these myths is crucial to encourage greater adoption of electric vehicles and move towards a more sustainable future. At Floox, we are dedicated to providing fast, efficient and affordable charging solutions for everyone.

Together, we power a cleaner, brighter future!