Transport fleet EV Charging

EV charging solutions perfect for transport fleets  

The vehicle fleets are indispensable for a large number of companies in different fields such as courier services, technical assistance or goods delivery. They’re also ideal candidates to assist in the electrification of the car fleet. More and more cities are restricting access by polluting vehicles, so the electrification of professional transport fleets is a necessity

If your company has a fleet of vehicles, electrifying it is a necessary step to adapt to a new form of mobility with a minimal impact on CO2 emissions, and at the same time helps you to make your business profitable.

IIncluding fast charging points is an investment in cleaner, more sustainable activity, allowing access to public subsidies and contributing to climate protection.

EV Fast charging

Fast charging for transport fleets

It is necessary to have several slow-charging points (in alternating currents: 7.4 kW or 11kW) into which several vehicles can be plugged at night rates. For transport fleets, time is also a priority, i.e. being able to charge 80% of the vehicle in 20 minutes during the day.

Logistics fleet EV charging solutions

Fast charging for higher vehicle turnover

At Floox we know that one of the objectives of transportation fleet companies is to optimise the fleet as much as possible. With fast charging, the vehicle arriving at the base to change drivers or charge goods will need to receive a substantial power feed via the fast charging point.</p>
<p>Sedans, trucks and buses need to charge to a high capacity, so not only is the charging speed important, but the power required to replenish sufficient kWh of battery power becomes indispensable. The CCS2 connector incorporated in Superfloox and Ultrafloox makes it possible to charge high-capacity electric vehicles of this type.

Fast charging points
All-in-One solution

Floox chargers as a new business unit

Outside your company's opening hours, you can manage your charging point to make it open to the public, thereby monetising a substantial share of payments from users who use your charging point privately. Get an extra return on your investment!

Build a sustainable business by electrifying your fleet

Installing charging points in companies that have their own facilities is easy, as it is a private space managed by a single entity. Electrification facilitates active fleet management, since the recharging point is the same place where the vehicle is stored, and is no longer a mere parking point.

Our EV charging solutions are compatible with the best control software on the market, according to your needs. The benefits that we integrate into our chargers — and that you’ll have control over — are:

Authorisation management: all vehicles, authorised RFIDs, apps and authorised vehicles (Autocharge)

EV charging point reservation via the app

Statistics control: who has used the chargers, total time, total charge and more.

Management of payments and fees.

Opening of the charging points to people outside the organisation.

An electric vehicle fleet charging solution

At Floox we have everything ready to electrify your fleet in a customised and specific way to meet every need.

Enough talk — let's build the future together!