EV Charging for shopping centres and supermarkets

EV charging solutions perfect for retail and supermarkets

Shopping centres and expansive supermarket hubs are more than just places to shop — they’re leisure destinations where you invest time beyond your shopping experience. This is why the presence of charging points for electric vehicles in supermarkets is increasing, in addition to the regulations that require these surfaces to have a minimum number of chargers according to the number of places.

Thanks to public subsidies encouraging installation of charging points, you can differentiate yourself as a sustainable, ecologically-aware company and differentiate yourself, attracting new customers and building loyalty.

As of 2023, charging points are required to be installed in shopping centres, supermarkets and so on.

Fast Charging for Retail

Attracting and retaining customers who drive EVs

Attracting loyal customers to your establishment with the services you offer will encourage them to stay longer and encourage more regular visits; and furthermore you’ll be part of the network of EV charging stations in your area, participating in the transition to electric mobility. In addition to providing an additional service to existing customers, the presence of electric vehicle chargers can also put a business on the map, literally.
By attracting drivers looking for somewhere to stop and charge their cars while they shop, savvy retailers can engage with new clients who may otherwise have passed them by.

Charging stations for supermarkets and shopping centres.

Fast charging for higher vehicle turnover

Having a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in your shopping centre will allow you an additional source of income in addition to your original activity as a charging manager. This will allow customers to spend a whole afternoon on the premises or visit just to shop, depending on their electrical charging needs. With the Superfloox and Ultrafloox charging stations, electric vehicle users will be able to recharge their vehicles productively in a very short period of time, shopping while charging is in progress.

Fast charging points
Flexibility in charging management and optimisation

Floox EV chargers as a new business unit

Outside the centre's opening hours, you can manage your charging point to make it open to the public, thereby monetising a substantial share of payments from users who use your charging point privately. Get an extra return on your investment!

Make the move to an efficient and more sustainable car park

Installing charging points in shopping centres or supermarkets with their own facilities is easy, as the space is private and managed by a single entity. This also increases the value of your investment.

Our electric recharging solutions are compatible with the best control software on the market, according to your needs. The benefits that we integrate into our chargers — and that you’ll have control over — are:

Authorisation management: all vehicles, authorised RFIDs, apps and authorised vehicles (Autocharge)

Increase your visibility and help EV drivers find your charging stations on maps.

Statistics control: who has used the chargers, total time, total charge and more.

Management of payments and fees. Recoup your investment and generate extra revenue by establishing recharge fees for customers using your charging points.

Offer free or discounted charging for your customers, while drivers who only want to charge are charged a higher rate.

A fast charging solution for shopping centres and supermarkets

At Floox we have everything ready for the transition to electric mobility

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