EV Charging points at hotels and restaurants

Charging points for electric vehicles at hotels and restaurants  

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, it is becoming more and more common for drivers to need to charge their cars during their commute. In this context, hotels have a great opportunity to offer their guests added value through the installation of charging points for electric vehicles in their facilities.

In addition to contributing to the transition towards more sustainable mobility, installing a charging point for electric vehicles in a hotel offers numerous benefits for both guests and the establishment itself.

Including fast charging points is an investment in cleaner, more sustainable activity, allowing access to public subsidies and contributing to climate protection

Fast Charging points

Fast charging for hotels and restaurants

It is necessary to have several slow-charging points (in alternating currents: 7.4 kW or 11kW) where several vehicles can be plugged in at night rates, as well as fast charging to gain visibility at infrastructure points to attract new users. If you have a hotel, hostel or tourist establishment, having charging points will make it easier for users to choose you as a place to stay. During their stay, many customers will have their car parked for many hours, offering charging solutions at your facility will give them comfort and confidence to continue their journey without wasting time, enhancing their experience at your facility.

Hotels, hostels and restaurants

Fast charging while having a coffee

Faster charging, less waiting time. Having fast-charging stations for electric vehicles in restaurants allows restaurant drivers to recharge their batteries while enjoying a break. With a recharging point such as the 30 kW Powerfloox, more than 200 km can be charged during a one-hour meal. By installing a 60kW Superfloox, two vehicles will be able to obtain energy at the same time.</p>
<p>Make your restaurant a refuelling centre for both people and vehicles, positioning it as an attraction for hungry clean-energy travellers.

Fast charging points
EV Charging

Various power ratings and connectors, with low maintenance

These are the premises that users of electric vehicles take into account when choosing accommodation to stay overnight, eat or go on a rambling break. Hence the importance of having one or several charging points, with different power ratings (DC and AC) as well as connector options (CCS2, ChadeMo and AC).<br />
As a facility owner, installation and maintenance of the charging points are both straightforward. In addition, your business can appear on various platforms and maps where you can locate the chargers. These platforms also have the option to manage everything related to the charging point such as booking, payment and maintenance, so you can dedicate yourself to your business without further worries.

A fast charging solution for electric vehicles in tourist establishments

You can boost your business visibility with charging points at hotels and restaurants – a compelling attraction for electric vehicle drivers. It’s a deciding factor when travellers committed to sustainability opt to take a break.

Our EV charging solutions are compatible with the best control software on the market, according to your needs. The benefits that we integrate into our chargers — and that you’ll have control over — are:

Authorisation management: all vehicles, authorised RFIDs, apps and authorised vehicles (Autocharge)

Recharging point reservation via the app

Statistics control: who has used the chargers, total time, total charge and more.

Management of payments and fees.

Opening of the charging points to people outside the organisation.

A charging solution for hotels and restaurants

At Floox we have everything ready to host electric vehicle charging points at your business.

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