Fast EV Charging points for indoor and outdoor parking

EV charging solutions in car parks 

Private car parks for public use are scattered throughout major cities to facilitate short or long term parking for drivers. These spaces are a perfect place to charge electric vehicles, especially since many users make short stays where they find themselves needing to charge their batteries.

New regulations have established that one extra charging point must be available for every 40 seats. Private paid parking areas, among others, will thus need to adapt to this change. The drivers of electric vehicles require private car parks with availability of spaces with charging points, a key feature when choosing where to park.

Fast charging stations

EV Charging points

EV Fast Chargers must feature power up to 60kW and double hoses, so that while the vehicle is parked in the car park the battery can be charged by up to 80%, thus increasing the autonomous operation range of the customer's vehicle. Customers leave their car charging in the car park while they enjoy an afternoon of shopping or a business meeting.

Parking and charging

Fast charging in the urban environment

Floox supports investment in this key player in modern mobility. Nowadays, you can reserve a parking space in a public car park from a smartphone app, generating enhanced visibility and benefits. Having charging points for electric vehicles is an essential feature to give greater visibility to your business on various platforms, attracting new customers as well as permitting easy payment of charges. FLOOX chargers feature OCPP, a protocol that ensures ease of use for users and a profitable business model for operators.

Super fast charging points
Low maintenance and easy to install

Ease of installation

We have a network of specialised installers who carry out the engineering projects, request connection points and handle layouts, works and legalisation, making it possible to carry out an installation in a car park. Our 60kW charger concentrates everything needed into one unit, with no need for auxiliary works or extra space.

A commitment to electric charging solutions in car parks

The commitment to electric charging solutions in car parks has become a priority today due to the increase in demand for electric vehicles and the need for adequate infrastructure for their use and charging. The installation of charging points in car parks allows drivers of electric vehicles to charge their batteries while parked, facilitating their daily use and reducing anxiety about the limited range of these vehicles.

Our electric EV charging solutions are compatible with the best control software on the market, according to your needs. The benefits that we integrate into our chargers — and that you’ll have control over — are:

Enhanced customer loyalty and car park reputations.

Ease of use via APP, RFID

Future-proof: Plug&Play ready charger. Just plug in the car and charge — that's it!

New business model, new source of income.

The average parking time in a car park is one hour — in that time, 80% of the vehicle's battery can be charged with a 30kW charging point. Increased customer churn.

The fast charging solution for car parks

At Floox we have everything ready to electrify car parks

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